Setting Modem Huawei In Tablet Android

Manual for (HUAWEI) USB 3G

Since I've been trying a long time to run my HUAWEI E1550, E150 I want to comment you the steps I've done.

1)To disable the auto running on the modem, how to do it already written in other topics:

  1. Connect the modem to a PC running Windows and make sure it works.
  2. Disconnect your computer from the network and the Internet and run Hyper Terminal.
  3. Hyper Terminal program found under Start> Programs> Accessories> Communications> Hyper Terminal - in running Windows XP, and for Windows7 it to load.
  4. In the "Connection Description" write any name, say "Huawei", and press ENTER. We are waiting for the appearance of the window "Connect". In his latest column "Connect using" to select "HUAWEI Mobile Connect - 3G Modem" and click OK. Next after that a window with a phone number and other parameters need to just close by pressing the "Cancel".
    Now on the toolbar of the program, press the last button "Properties"
    And that opens the Properties window: the modem "select the tab" Options:
    Click "Options ASCII":
    Put a tick in the second top box "Show input characters on the screen."
    Click OK. The top window is closed. Click OK. The last window closes, and the main window, flashing cursor.
  5. Turn on CAPS LOCK and print command AT. Press ENTER. Comes the answer:
OK. Means connected to the modem is installed. Introduce one of the following:
AT ^ U2DIAG = 0 (device-only modem)
AT ^ U2DIAG = 1 (the device as a modem + CD-ROM)
AT ^ U2DIAG = 255 (the device as a modem + CD-ROM + Card Reader)
AT ^ U2DIAG = 256 (the device as a modem + Card Reader).
For successful operation the modem into a tablet to take command AT ^ U2DIAG = 0, and put it to "just a modem." Typing, press ENTER, and in return see OK.
Close the window Hyper Terminal, answering "Yes" to the proposal to interrupt a session and refusing to stay connected.
6) Make sure that emulation CD-ROM is disabled. To do this, disconnect the modem from the USB port and then connected in the same port. In "My Computer" should not appear "new" CD-ROM - only those that actually are.
If they need to return the modem to its original state, you must repeat the entire procedure, but with the team AT ^ U2DIAG = 255 (the device as a modem + CD-ROM + Card Reader).
Connect the modem to the tablet.

2) In the Android Market download software Quick Settings , install, run.

Select Mobile data

Next, we see we need a page to configure

Select Access Point Names , click menu and New APN.

My modem unlocked

Setting APN anda:
Name: Anything
User name:
Save and select the created APN.

Well, actually all, then go to 3G settings

Push the 3G network turn on 3G modem. Yes, my modem is defined as the E1750 but actually E1550

Wait connecting.

Well, finally we get Connected We see the emergence of G icon next to the battery

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