Unlock Permanent Huawei E173

Now Let us see how to unlock this modem, So to unlock this modem you need following softwares :

Requirements :
1)  Huawei E-173 Firmware (download it here)
2)  Universal master code (download it here)
3) Huawei Mobile partner Software (download it here)
## You must have noted down a 15 digit IMEI number of your Huawei modem.
Unlocking method :
1) First of all using universal Master Code get flash code and unlock code for the device.
Universal Master Code Generator 261x300 Unlocking Tutorial for Huawei 3g E 173 Data Card (100% working)
2) Then plug in the device to your desktop/laptop.
3) After all the drivers have been loaded just double click on E173Update_11. and it will find your data card automatically.
Searching for Device 300x194 Unlocking Tutorial for Huawei 3g E 173 Data Card (100% working)
4) Then the process will start and on the next screen you will be asked to give flash code or unlock code as your password .
5) As this step completes your software will be updated successfully.
6) Now install Huawei Mobile Partner Software.
7)  Now open Huawei Mobile Partner and if unlock code asked then enter the code generated in first step.
8) Create a new profile with corresponding network’s APN and your username and password.
9) Now try to connect device to the internet.
### Hope now you will be able to unlock this modem easily and if you face any problems please leave a comment below.
We will be posting as many unlocking tutorials for different huawei models in future and if you want any unlocking tutorial of model which is not available in our website then please give us the model name and we will provide you the unlocking method as early as possible.

Sumber : http://www.modemunlock.com/unlocking-tutorial-for-huawei-3g-e-173-data-card-100-working.html

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